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Before You Start an Exercise Program

Before You Start an Exercise Program
Before You Start an Exercise Program

As long as you are prepared to work for it, and make exercise part of your way of life, you can have young and supple body long after others have given up lively activities and started easing themselves creakily in and out of armchairs. There is no need to resign yourself to getting stiff with age, or to losing your figure after mid-thirties. But have to abide by some of the rules before you start an exercise program.

Makeup Your Mind Before You Start an Exercise Program

Makeup your mind that you are going to exercise every day. Determination is the key before you start an exercise program. It is pointless to spend half an hour on the routine one day and then sip it for a week: by the time you come back to your exercises, your muscles will be as stiff as they were when you started and your work will have been in vain. Set aside a particular time of day for your routine, perhaps in the early morning, evening or before you go to bed. It doesn’t matter what time you choose as long as it isn’t after a heavy meal and you make it a regular habit. If you do not keep to your routine regularly, the exercise will do no good and the habit is too easily broken. It is far better to do just ten minutes a day, if that is all you can manage, than half an hour one day and nothing the next.

Be Comfortable while Exercising

Get comfortable. Change into a one-piece swimsuit or leotard: this will help you to feel smooth and slender, and changing adds a ritual element which will make the exercise habit easier to keep. Work on a carpeted floor and have a small cushion handy in case you need it. If you can make space to have a mirror and a really firm ballet bar fixed a hip height, it will make some of the exercises easier and again add to the ritual of your regular exercising time. If you cannot manage a ballet bar, organize a chair which is steady, the right height, and always available, but try to work near a full-height mirror.

Learn Carefully Before Start an Exercise Program

Learn the exercise carefully, reading them through and studying the photographs until you understand them completely, and then try them out in front of a mirror to check that you are holding the right position. Make sure that you know them thoroughly, so that you don’t have to break off and refer back to the book once you start your routine: this will break the rhythm of the exercise, which have been designed to flow smoothly from one to another. You may find that music with a good, strong beat helps you to keep the movement going. So, try to get accounted with the exercise before you begin.

Before You Start an Exercise Program
Be Careful Before You Start an Exercise Program

Learn the special ‘roll-in’ movement before you start exercising. If you get it right, it will ensure that your back is not strained in any way.

Start with Simple Warm-up Routine

Always start your exercise time with a simple warm-up routine. This will loosen up the whole body, get the circulation pumping, and warm up cold, stiff muscles which might otherwise tear. Check your posture front, back and side, make sure that you are holding yourself straight, not hunching shoulders or curving back, that your weight is evenly distributed and shoulders level.

Go Slow and Steady Before Start an Exercise Program

When you first start exercising, you are bound to feel stiff and aching because you will be using muscles which have been neglected, but your back should not hurt. If it does, you have been doing an exercise wrongly so check and check again. Go slow before start an exercise program. Build on your exercises gradually, adding more exercises and more repeats as your muscles get stronger. Never push yourself faster than your muscles can cope with. A steady build-up will ensure that you do not strain yourself. Take note of what each exercise is designed to accomplish. If it is meant to strengthen stomach muscles, than see that these are the ones that are working. It may be easier to take the strain somewhere else, but you will do yourself no good and possibly some harm.

Be patient. Don’t expect results overnight and give up if you don’t get them. If your muscles are out of condition, it may take several weeks before you see the difference, so persevere.

Follow all the instructions carefully. Remember that all exercises are not suitable for pregnant women unless she is really fit. However, from six weeks after the birth a mother can start on the exercise, gradually building up as her muscles strengthen. She will soon have her figure back in trim.

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