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Choosing the Right Perfume for Your Personality

Choosing the right perfume for your personality is really difficult. You choose to wear a particular perfume because it appeals to your sense of smell. Why you should love Je Reviens and detest a friend’s Mitsouko can only be explained by saying that the sense of smell is entirely individual. Other people can and do give you their own ideas of what will suit you, because they think of your as an exuberant sporty type or a romantic, but this does not mean that you will necessarily like a single one of the range of green or floral perfumes, and there is no reason why you should.

There is great satisfaction in finding a perfume you like, whether you hit on it by admiring it on another woman and making discreet inquiries, or you are lucky enough just to try it by chance at a beauty counter. In the first case, be prepared to find that whereas it smelt marvelous or her, it may not combine well with your body chemistry. Your skin’s acid balance (pH factor) does not alter the perfume technically, but it can detract from it and the end result may be a failure. On the plus side, the individual characteristics of your skin make a perfume smell unique and possibly even more attractive on you than on the other woman. A drastic diet can alter your skin balance, as can illness, so do not be surprised if you go off your favorite perfume in the circumstances.

If you set out to try perfume in a store, confine your testing to two or three samples: your nose cannot cope with any more. Do not buy then and there. A knowledgeable assistant will not pressure you, but will advise you to go away and let the perfume develop on your skin over several hours. You want to know how it smells when you are hot and cold, how long it stays, and whether if fades away pleasantly or has a nasty after-kick.

Choosing the Right Perfume for Your Personality: How to Wear Perfume

When trying a perfume you will be lucky to get more than a dab on the wrist, but a spray, if it is offered, is a much better guide because spraying diffuses the fragrance best. If your chosen perfume essence does not come in a spray, invest in a spray bottle, and transfer small quantities as you need them.

In addition to the warm pulse spots- wrists, temples, behind ear and knees – try spraying lightly on hair and on the linings of clothes. Beware of spraying directly on to clothes as perfume may stain, and it can be very tenacious: you could regret branding your fur coat with your current favorite in years to come. Above all, go easy on perfume. Your nose grows accustomed to any smell after only a few minutes and cuts it out automatically. But whereas you may think that your sent has faded, anyone coming up to you will know it has not, so do not keep adding more.

There are women who believe that only the pedigree French classics such as Chanel No. 5 or Je Reviens can be truly chic. Those who create perfumes will tell you that this is sheer snobbery. The sophisticated modern scents such as Charlie, Blasé or Rapport are every bit as technically complex and brilliant as the old classes. They cost less simply because they make use of synthetic ingredients, but even to the trained ‘nose’ these are indistinguishable from the real thing.

The advantages of the new crop of modern scents are that they allow woman to experiment, precisely because they are not prohibitively expensive. They encourage us to wear perfume instead of keeping it in a drawer, to be used only for special occasions.

Choosing the Right Perfume for Your Personality: Types of Perfumes

Sometimes you may be confused while choosing the right perfume for your personality. Perfumes fall into five main groups, depending on their characteristic smell, which in turn is determined by the predominance of some ingredients over others. As the chart shows, these groups are green, floral, aldehydic, chypre and oriental.

  1. Green perfumes have a cool, biting edge to them. The wearer is often pictured by advertisers as the modern women-about-town, sophisticated and independent. The perfume gets its green smell from a base of aromatic woods such as cedar and sandalwood, or grasses, ferns and mosses.
  2. Floral perfumes can be young and ‘innocent’ like Blue Grass, or cool and pungent like Diorella, or maturely feminine like L’Air du Temps, but as the name suggests, the base is always a combination of flowers. The addiction of spice, wood and musk makes the subtle differences.
  3. Aldehydes are man-made chemicals, discovered in 1904. The term sunds unromantic, but some of the greatest and most popular perfumes are aldehydic because these chemicals add power and bite to flowers, fruit, incense or any other constituents with which they are combined. Aldehydes were first used to brilliant effect in the world-famous Chanel No. 5, created in 1921 by Ernest Beaux for couturiere Coco Chanel. It is still the world’s top-selling sent.
  4. Chypre perfumes derive their name from one original Coty’s Chypre, also a 1921 vintage. They are characteristically heavy and spicy, but have more bite than the similar group, the Orientals.
  5. The oriental perfumes often contain vanilla, which explain their heady sweet smell. Other ingredients are exotic Eastern spices, woods and grasses. These are the evening perfumes, the seductive little-black-dress partners, best used in moderation as they can be overpowering.
Perfume Table
Choosing the right perfume for your personality is really tricky.

A perfume is not just an aroma; It is an enveloping fragrance that reveals features of your character, your personality and your emotions. The search for a perfume is an intimate experience closely linked to our personality. The aromas evoke moments and, fruit of those memories, we like more than others. Choosing the right perfume for your personality requires time and patience.

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